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6 Nutrition tricks for a travelling Crossfitter

Posted by Polona Fonda on

6 Nutrition tricks for a travelling Crossfitter

We don’t think it’s really necessary to go on holidays together with healthy meals packed in the Tupperware pots. There are many other nutrition tricks which cause less stress and actually allow you to enjoy your vacation.

Here are favourite: CrossFit holiday relax

  1. The most important thing to keep in mind is – relax!

You are going on vacation with a goal of taking some time off. Don’t sacrifice the experience travelling offers in the pursuit of a so called clean nutrition.

That said, also don’t go all off. Vacation is not an excuse for overeating on foods you have been avoiding throughout the year. Ditch the black and white thinking and rather focus on having fun and feeling relaxed.

  1. Pack some protein powder

It’s easy to get carbs and fats, but it takes some effort to eat enough protein (especially for women).   

If you are travelling on a budget, which means you are not planning to eat out in the restaurants and ordering steaks each night, the easiest way to add some protein is to use the powder form of this essential macronutrient.

Protein does not only benefit your muscle and other tissue, it also affects your overall wellbeing (even on vacation). Our bodies, especially Crossfitter’s bodies, can’t function properly on carbs and fats only. Also, overeating on carbs during your travelling will leave you feeling drained and sleepy.

To sum it up, even on vacation protein intake is important. You don’t have to bring the whole pouch with you. Buy one-serving size packages which you can easily pack up.

  1. Delicious treats: protein bars and smoothies

It’s hard find an athlete who doesn’t like protein bars and protein smoothies. Not only they are delicious, they also help stacking up on protein. Travelling is a good-enough excuse to buy a full box of those treats.

Both are also two of the most popular nutrition supplements ever which can nowadays be bought practically everywhere. Pretty often you can also find them at the gas stations and in the grocery shops.

You can simply buy them beforehand or get some while being on the road.

  1. Try local food

It really depends on where you are vacationing, but trying out new food is a must-do when travelling. Visit local food markets, go through the grocery shops and take some time to explore the country’s culinary offer. You’ll be surprised what healthy foods you can find.

Local fish market

When it comes to eating out, don’t stress yourself with calculating macros. In general, foods from the markets and restaurants are higher in fats, sometimes also in sugar, so always presume you are eating more calories than with same but home-cooked meals. Most tourism resorts also offer a wide variety of fresh fruits and veggies so make sure you include into your daily menu.

  1. Traveller’s favourite snacks: nuts and dried fruits

The easiest snacks to pack are the nuts and dried fruits. No odor, no melting and no rotting problems. Also, the energy density they have will keep you going for a few hours. Regardless of how your vacation will look like, whether it is an all-day sunbathing or seven hours of hiking, having a bag of nuts and dried fruits in your pocket always helps as the first aid kit when getting “hangry”.

mixed nuts

The choice is big: almonds, walnuts, cashews, hazelnuts, figs, dates, apricots, plums, apples and more.

  1. Be smart: don’t skip the meal just because you think the product is not healthy

That does not necessary apply to the do-nothing, lay all day on the beach, kind of holidays, but it’s really important when going on active vacation such as hiking and mountain biking adventures.

There’ll be plenty of situations when you won’t be able to plan ahead and you’ll have to eat what will be available. When you’re hiking in the mountains you can’t afford not to eat. Sometimes the best choice available will be a candy and that sugary treat will be a much better decision then no meal at all. Skipping a meal can result in dizziness, passing out and getting injured due to the latter.

However if you will be lying on the beach all day, you probably won’t even get hungry.

Beside those nutrition tips, don’t forget to drink enough water, and some beer, to stay hydrated. This will also help you with keeping the holiday urge to eat under control.

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