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Björgvin Karl Gudmundsson wins the Meridian CrossFit Regional 2016

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Both, Sara Sigmundsdottir and Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson, started with a win, placed first in the event one, and kept the lead throughout all three days of the competition which took place in Madrid over the past weekend.

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The 2016 Meridian CrossFit Regional champions are Sara Sigmundsdottir, Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson and Team Nordic Opex.

Event one was a test Olympic Weightlifting technique and its sustainability under fatigue. Initial goal for Sara was an event record set earlier by Kara Webb in the Pacific Region, but Sigmundsdottis started out too fast and later marked the time of 6:21. She later broke the record in event five.

Placing no worse than 5th, in event four with pistols and power cleans, Sara became the Meridian queen for the second year in a row.

All though Sigmundsdottir’s performance seems dominating, the task to keep the crown was far from easy. A two-time CrossFit Games champion and a fellow Icelandic, Annie Thorisdottir was right there; finishing only 10 points behind Sigmundsdottir. Both send out a message they are serious contenders to become the Fittest Woman on Earth in 2016.

Sigmundsdottir and Thorisdottir went head to head throughout the entire weekend, finishing most of the events with a sprint for one of the top three places.

With Katrin Tanja Davidsottir, the current CrossFit Games female champion, competing in the East Regional, the battle for third was between three other Games athletes: Kristin Holte, Sam Briggs and Thuridur Erla Helgadottir.

Women travelling to Carson in 2016:

  1. Sara Sigmundsdottir
  2. Annie Thorisdottir
  3. Kristin Holte
  4. Sam Briggs
  5. Thuridur Erla Helgadottir.

All though the names on top were expected, new athletes popped up on the leaderboard, showing they are hungry for one of those five tickets leading to the big stage. Both Emma McQuaid and the Hungarian youngster Laura Horvath proved they have the potential to join the exclusive Games athlete club in 2017. Other top 10 finishers were Martina Barbaro, Andrea Berggren and Laura Hughes.

The 2015 Games podium placed athlete Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson wins the men’s division

If in the past the Regionals belonged to Jonne Koski, 2016 was dominated by the Icelandic talent Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson. The 23-yeard-old showed a matured, consistent performance and finished on top with 85 points ahead of Lukas Esslinger.

Two rookies are heading to the CrossFit Games: Lukas Esslinger (placed second) and Adrian Mundwiler (placed fourth) both 23-year-old Swiss, will be making their first appearance in Carson. Two other podium spots, third and fifth, were occupied by two Games-experienced athletes Jonne Koski and Lukas Högberg.

Team Scitec Phil Hesketh and Steven Fawcett both had to withdraw from the competition due to injuries.

Men qualified for the CrossFit Games 2016:

  1. Björgvin Karl Guðmundsson
  2. Lukas Esslinger
  3. Jonne Koski
  4. Adrian Mundwiler
  5. Lukas Högberg

Other top ten finishers were Stefano Migliorini, Frederik Aegidius, Jason Smith and Andrey Ganin.  

Superteam Nordic OPEX takes the team’s crown

Nordic OPEX was crowd’s favourite to claim the title but had to face some tough competitors from United Arab Emirates’ CrossFit Yas and Denmark’s fittest Team CrossFit Copenhagen 1.

Nordic OPEX was put together with one goal: to win the region. After rupturing the Achilles tendon in 2015, Games athlete Bjork Odinsdottir joined Blaine McConnell, Camilla Salomonsson Hellman, David Shorunke, Anna Viggedal and Simon Nybacka from CrossFit Nordic. Together they pulled a performance that was strong enough to win the first place among 30 fittest teams in the Meridian.

After being disqualified in 2015, CrossFit Yas made a comeback and claimed a second place. As mentioned before Team CrossFit Copenhagen 1 placed third, Icelandic team CFXY finished fourth and CrossFit Solid won yet another Games ticket, finishing one point ahead of last year’s qualifiers CrossFit Reykjavik.

Teams going to Carson:

  1. Nordic OPEX
  2. CrossFit Yas
  3. Team CrossFit Copenhagen 1
  4. CFXY
  5. CrossFit Solid


The events programming was designed in a way where athletes had to fight until the very last event, legless rope climbs and thrusters, to win one of the fifth Games sport available.

With top five athletes and teams now heading to California, there are at least ten others behind, in each category, hungry to get back on Caja Majica floor to prove they can make their way to the big stage.

CrossFit Games start on July 19.

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